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Inspired by life to move people with words. I am a professional trend researcher, writer and editor.

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Cat stretching article

Yoga Poses on Pinterest | Asana, Namaste and Yoga Girls

Yoga Poses on Pinterest | Asana, Namaste and Yoga G...

Briohny smyth and dice iida klein article

Fitted & Amazing on Pinterest | Bench Press, Running Quotes and ...

Fitted & Amazing on Pinterest | Bench Press, Runnin...

Get to Know a Yogi Archives - Yogi Approved

Get to Know a Yogi Archives - Yogi Approved

Meditation: If at First You Don't Succeed, You're Probably Not the ...

Meditation: If at First You Don't Succeed, You're P...

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6 Yoga Poses for Travelers: How to Stretch and Strengthen on the Go

Whether you’re just hopping off a plane, or you’re trying to keep yourself on track with your exercise while traveling, these 6 yoga poses are perfect to counteract the negative effects of traveling:...

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7 Hip Opener Yoga Poses To Release Negativity (Photos)

Here are 7 yoga poses to aid you in letting go of negative emotions:...

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11 Signs You Need To Do Some Yoga ASAP

Your yoga practice brings with it a greater flow of prana to your body, it creates more space and strength physically and energetically, and that’s only the beginning!...

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Home - Yogi Approved

For yogis, by yogis. We talk yoga, fitness, diet, health, wellness, love + style. Join us in perfecting our practice on and off the mat....

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10 Yoga Poses Proven To Reduce Stress

Your yoga practice can have an immensely positive impact on your stress levels and happiness overall, so it’s important to maintain a regular yoga routine, especially when the stress begins to build....

Open uri20161206 18783 1fnilh8 article

A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga: 14 Yoga Disciplines Defined and Explained

Here’s a cheat sheet to help you get better acquainted with 14 major yoga disciplines being taught and practiced today....

Open uri20161206 18783 1th9poy article

23 Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga

Practicing mind-body wellness is essential to maintaining balance, and the following 23 celebrities choose yoga to support their health and happiness from the inside out....

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6 Partner Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Relationship

Grab your loved one and try these five partner yoga moves to deepen the connection the two of you share. Find a sense of safety, trust, laughter, playfulness and unconditional love....

Open uri20161206 18783 poq8du article

What Is Your Strongest Chakra? Take the Quiz to Find Out

“Chakra” in Sanskrit comes from the root word “wheel,” and can be best understood as a revolving conical energy in the body. Take this quick and easy quiz to determine which of your chakra energy centers is your most prominent....

Open uri20161206 18783 14ru542 article

Which Type of Yoga Should You Practice? Take the Quiz to Find Out

Take the quiz and find out which style of yoga best fits your preferences and lifestyle!...

Open uri20161206 18783 smlazc article

This Personal Essential Oils Diffuser Is About the Coolest Thing Ever!

This personal aromatherapy diffuser might be the savior you’ve been looking for to complement your yoga, meditation, and wellness practices....