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Inspired by life to move people with words. I am a professional trend researcher, writer and editor.

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Is Tupperware Safe? What You Need To Know For Your Health

Introduction Do you remember the era of Tupperware parties? A seemingly strange thing, people were floored by inventor Earl Tupper’s Poly-T products that infiltrated shops, department stores and people’s homes where small groups were given product demonstrations and could place orders following the party. It was the type of plastic no...

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6 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer Too Many Women Ignore

INTRODUCTION With the continued threat of breast cancer, especially in women 50 and over, it’s important you do your breast exams regularly and get your mammograms every year or two. It’s also important that you remain educated on changes in your body that could be serving as warning signs that...

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Mutant Cows Show The Corruption Of The Meat Industry

At first glance of the below video, you may think you are observing some sort of heavily morphed cow that looks more like a mythical creature than the animals we know to exist on farms and in the wild. But it’s very, very real. These animals with bulging muscles are...

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Want All The Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil? Then Make Sure You Buy The RIGHT Kind. Here's What You Need To Know

Since I was a child, my mother has always been telling me that certain foods can keep my skin clear and glowing; that they can make my eyes piercingly white; that they can soften dry spots on my elbows, knees; that they can make my hair shinier, thicker. And the...

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7 Reasons To Choose Castile Soap, And 18 Ways You Can Use It

If you care about your health and wellness, then you've likely begun to do your research on the best products for achieving desired benefits without subjec...

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Try This Easy 3-Step Coconut Oil Sunscreen

I live by the beach, so naturally, sunscreen is around me all the time. My friends lather up as soon as the sun hits them, whether it be with a lotion or a...