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Inspired by life to move people with words. I am a professional trend researcher, writer and editor.

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7 Non-Weight Loss Related Reasons To Clean Up Your Diet 

Think weight loss is the only reason to eat well? Think again! From improving your mood to helping you sleep better, learn why eating well is so beneficial. ...

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The Best Foods For Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails

Learn about our favorite foods for glowing skin, shiny hair and strong nails and take the Eat Pretty Challenge for an entire day of beauty foods....

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11 Best Foods For Weight Loss

These 11 delicious and healthy foods will help to fuel you up and slim you down making your weight loss goals a reality!...

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11 Indulgent Recipes Made Healthy With One Secret Ingredient

Dried or canned, beans are a pantry staple in many households since they prove so versatile. They typically make their way into salads, tacos and soups, but there’s a variety of other unique and unexpected ways (like baked goods!) they can be used as well. Affordable and packed with protein...

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11 Healthy Recipes Made with Shredded Chicken

Leftover shredded chicken in the fridge? Then you've got the key ingredient for these delicious and healthy recipes that come together in a flash....

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Understanding GMOs And Why They’re So Dangerous

Confused about GMOs? We've got the scoop on what you need to know to make the right decision for you and your family....

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Make Your Smoothies Pack a Punch - Get Healthy U

These nine superfoods need to be added to your morning smoothies ASAP for nutrition your body will love! Oh, and they taste pretty dang good too....

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7 Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium - Get Healthy U

Think dairy is the only source of calcium? Wrong! Whether because of lactose intolerance or another reason, try these 7 dairy-free sources of calcium....

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8 Inexpensive, All-Natural Beauty Treatments - Get Healthy U

Take care of your skin with these natural beauty treatments using ingredients found right in your fridge or pantry without the harsh chemicals!...

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Partner Up: 5 Workouts To Do With A Friend - Get Healthy U

Grab your significant other, friend or family member and partner up for these 5 workouts to increase your balance, flexibility, strength and exercise level!...

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11 Low Calorie Dinner Recipes - Get Healthy U

You work hard all day long to eat well, so don't let dinner ruin your game plan. Try these 11 delicious and filling dinner recipes under 400 calories....

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Should I Eat Tofu? A Closer Look - Get Healthy U

Tofu is often used as a great alternative to meat for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike to get more protein. But does that mean its healthy?...

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Natural Ways To Fight Off a Cold - Get Healthy U

Feeling a cold coming on but would rather avoid medicines with questionable ingredients? Try these natural whole food ways to beat the common cold. ...

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Juicing Vs. Blending: Which Is Better For You? - Get Healthy U

Juicing and blending are two techniques that have gone from trend to staples in our society, but which one is better? Is it juicing or blending?...